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The apple authorization authentication “true” the apple sound lands Shenzhen
Time of issue:2011-7-6   publishers:admin
 IPhone just became many numerical codes “Daren” to the spare parts, “the apple sound” starts to step into the domestic market for the first time. Yesterday, Shenzhen Wan De the Shi technological progress Limited company held the release conference in Shenzhen to announce that in domestic promoted “the apple sound” for the first time. It is reported that this company is the domestic first apple authorization authentication sound Production enterprise.
  We make the huge progress in the APPLE peripheral device audio frequency product domain. Not only develops global first to have the reception and alarm clock's apple sound, but also takes the lead the TOUCH technology and the long-distance transmission technology takes the lead to apply in the digital sound domain.”According to Wan De the Shi related public figure introduced that this company will comply with the global apple unrest, will hit the new product primarily by the apple sound, the one breath promotes the independent research and development innovation dozens of model of products, during will promote the independent research and development's APPS software, has become on the conference site biggest luminescent spot. This company related public figures said that takes the domestic first apple authorization authentication the sound Production enterprise, promotes the concept which the acoustic hardware and the software promote together in domestic has never had the breakthrough.This has also established Wan De Shi in the acoustic profession leading positions, advances the domestic market one after another, promotes the domestic audio frequency profession prosperous with to develop .
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