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Selects and purchases the sound no longer to worry that the profession standard will release
Time of issue:2011-7-6   publishers:admin
  Along with the digital product's popularization, the present multimedia acoustic market is also exceptionally hot. But in front to the great variety, when each parameter target lacks the unified standards, the price disparate huge sound product, does not have the corresponding specialized knowledge consumer often fog water, did not know how to select and purchase. Regarding this, the labor letter department issuing duty, will organize the saunterer by China electronic audio and video Industrial association and so on well-known acoustic enterprise to hold the preparatory meeting in April, the discussion formulates the active sound box profession standard, standard sound market development, also lets the consumer select and purchase has according to may depend on.
     Actually the Chinese sound profession standard formulation's call is long-standing. The data demonstrated that the domestic multimedia acoustic sales volume will occupy the global market in 2011 23.07%, but makes the volume is occupies above global total quantity 80%. Both has the huge market regarding such one, and has the dominant position profession in the manufacture to say absolutely, the profession standard's flaw will restrict the profession without doubt the development: At the same time, the standard lets many not regular Small business see defective the opportunity to be exploited, the shoddy product has also been possible splendid to enter the market, the harassment normal market order, harms the consumer benefit. But on the other hand, facing the globalized market, sits supports the formidable manufacture to produce can actually be unable to lead the technical standard the Chinese Enterprise also not to have the enough words power. Is precisely under this situation, the Chinese sound professions
    his acoustic profession standard formulation is group leader by the saunterer company the unit. The saunterer is the present domestic sales volume biggest multimedia sound enterprise, not only occupies the domestic market half of the country, the global sales volume also advanced into the same profession sanchia. This company related people in charge indicated: “the Chinese Sound Enterprise hoped that walks long-term, needs one with the global market trail connection profession standard.”
  This person in charge example said that when domestic acoustic enterprise products outlet overseas, needs to follow the local market the product standard, in aspects and so on quality, craft, security, environment-protective has the strict request, but in front to domestic market time, because of the standard flaw, will leave behind the market crack. Looks like profession leading brands and so on saunterer, regarding domestic and the export market, has unified and the strict quality request, even surpasses the international standard. But will also have a part of enterprise to consider stemming from the cost that will carry out the domestic for sale abroad dual quality specifications, will let the consumer benefit sustain a loss. But if can establish a perfect profession standard, will again not have the similar crack to be possible to drill.
 As group leader the unit, the saunterer will draft the profession standard file by its execution's enterprise standard as the main source. Regarding this, saunterer Chairman Zhang Wendong also indicated: “the saunterer will make best effort to assist the entire profession standard the formulation, this is advantageous in the consumer obtains the more high grade acoustic products, is also advantageous to the entire profession healthy order development, enables our China's acoustic brand to move toward the world truly.”
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